Friday, December 17, 2010

A kooky Christmas...

I am going to go ahead and nominate Lori Thayer for mother of the century.

Becca, Lori and Kiki this last summer.
Ever the memory maker, my mom mailed seven boxes (ridiculously expensive to mail international) of presents for Becca and I including stuffed stockings and Evergreen tree branches from Washington to remind me of home!

One box was dedicated to Christmas cookie supplies for Becca and I to have a cookie baking party together. It ended up working out perfectly considering we won't have a chance to celebrate together on the actual Christmas holiday. 

One problem? Neither of us had an oven. 

Luckily, about two weeks ago my roomies bought themselves a toaster/convection oven. So, we then had everything we needed. 

Lori had mailed the following: Mixes, sprinkles, cookie cutters, frosting, a rolling pin, a baking sheet, etc. - it was all covered down to the "Fresh Pine Wreath" candle for us to smell Christmas as we baked... 

So, first, we lit the candle, exchanged gifts and cards and began drinking Bailey's while listening to Christmas tunes (Becca's favorite kind of music, much to my chagrin - but the Bailey's helped!). 

We then opened all our presents from Lori after opening those from each other. My mom mostly sent me warm clothes and all of my favorite foods from the States... PEANUT BUTTER (which doesn't exist here for a reasonable price)!!!

Anyway, I forgot to take photos of all that. Sorry!

Then, we started the baking process. Becca had clearly done this before, I clearly had not. Anyway, here's the rundown:   

The Supplies

Our little toaster/convection oven surrounded by ingredients.

Sprinkles and frosting. The most delicious part if, in fact, you end up with cookies to put them on...
Cookie cutters in Christmas shapes, assuming you make the dough correctly and it's not too sticky.

The Process

Problem #1: "The dough is too sticky, we just have to make balls."

Problem #2: "Oh! Is that what the 'C' means?!?!?"
 It took burning two round of cookies before we realized that the degrees knob was in Celsius... EUROPE!!! The cookies called for 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius). We had the stove as high as it would go at 320 degrees Celsius (608 degrees Fahrenheit) before we realized why the cookies were incinerated each time they were placed in the oven. 

The first two batches of cookies... In the garbage.
The third.
On the third batch, the bottoms began to burn and so we pulled them out before they finished cooking and called it good. By this time we had the oven down to 284 degrees Fahrenheit and it still just wasn't working out.

At this point we threw up our hands and put everything away except the Bailey's...

This story doesn't end on a sad note, though... 

My mom had also mailed us a batch of my grandma's fudge, which is heavenly. The fudge ended up relieving whatever disappointments had arisen from the inability to produce Christmas cookies!  

Nana's fudge.
Nana's fudge almost gone...
 Does it matter that instead of a Christmas cookie miracle we had a Christmas cookie disaster? Nope. Above all, I am just really thankful that I got to celebrate a psuedo-Christmas with the person I love!


kaithayer said...

Awwww I feel like I got to celebrate Christmas with you just by reading this post and seeing the pictures! Too fun, too sweet! Glad you guys had a good time despite the Christmas cookie fiasco! I love you brother and I love you Becca!

Max said...

Bahaha, unit conversion stuff sucks. That's why I like failed science. Glad you guys figured it out though. Happy Christmas Bradley.

Bradley said...

hey! two of my favorite people! maks, don't lie - you just didn't do your hw... you charged other people money to do theirs instead! that's why you like failed science! bahaha... Happy Chrissum to you kids also! much love.